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For most businesses, the majority of leads in their databases are not sales-ready. Sources show companies that excel at lead nurturing have 50% more sales ready leads at a 33% lower CPL. Sales teams also ignore fewer leads when nurturing is in place. Without nurturing, sales reps often feel that many of the leads that are sent over are of poor quality. Through a nurturing program, leads are kept warm and sales is ready to pick up the leads that are already educated on the market and the product.

“GrowthFusion has helped Calpont with multiple marketing initiatives since mid-2011, including email marketing, social media, SEO and, currently, a Marketo deployment. Rajesh is a diverse marketer, who has developed creative campaign ideas and provided experienced resources to execute on the different pieces that make for a successful marketing campaign. I rely on GrowthFusion to assist in developing a pipeline that impacts revenue growth for Calpont.” Calpont

Impacting the Buying Process via Effective Lead Nurturing


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