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Accelerating Revenue Through Automation

Lead Nurturing
Builds "tension" through conversation until the customer is ready to act. Primes the Funnel.


Lead Scoring
All leads are not created equal.  Assures quality, not quantity.


Campaign Execution
Measures and Assures that proper programs are in place. Justifies return on marketing investment for all activities.


Demand Funnel Management
Good process coupled with good marketing automation yeilds good content, higher efficiencies, and higher revenue.


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What our Clients Have to Say

“[Growth Fusion] is a fantastic resource. Whether you are looking to begin down the road of marketing automation, or you have a foundation that you need to optimize, Rajesh can easily switch gears from the basic to the advanced without skipping a beat. His expertise in Marketo includes (but is not limited to) email campaign deployment, form/landing page optimization, lead scoring and routing, and nurturing campaigns. If your organization is looking for a marketing automation whiz, Rajesh is your guy."

- Robin Richardson, Director of Demand Generation, Aria Systems




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